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Reduce the operating costs of industrial boilers by regularly cleaning flue gas pipes

Clean flue gas pipes with the FERRET machine

Flue gas pipes in high-volume water boilers, economisers and waste gas boilers need to be cleaned regularly. By thoroughly cleaning the interior of the pipes, the combustion residues are removed and the boiler's efficiency is increased. For many years boiler operators and industry service providers have relied on the FERRET machine for cleaning flue gas pipes. It is easy to handle and the cleaning time is therefore significantly reduced. Downtimes are reduced and cleaning intervals are shortened. This saves you more money!

Find the detailed FERRET catalogue here 

FERRET operation

Hot gases created from the combustion of gas, oil and biomass flow through the flue gas pipes of industrial boilers . The heat is transferred to the water surrounding the pipe via the interior pipe wall. Combustion residues are deposited as soot or crusts on the interior pipe wall.

Soot deposits and crusts have a strong insulating effect. The thicker these deposits are, the lower the efficiency of the boiler. Tests have shown that a 3.2 mm thick layer of soot can cause heat loss of 47%.

Lower efficiency increases fuel consumption and can subsequently lead to problems with motors and fans.

For cleaning flue gas pipes in...  

  • Heating boilers
  • Steam boilers
  • Economisers (feedwater preheaters)
  • Exhaust gas boilers and auxiliary boilers on ships 

It can also be used to clean...

  • Extruders
  • Straight product lines

The FERRET pipe cleaning machine is a user-friendly and easy-to-handle tool for cleaning horizontal and vertical flue gas pipes. Arduous cleaning with brushes on a pole or fiddling around with rotating shafts is over. Cleaning time is significantly reduced. The FERRET machine is pneumatically driven. The oscillating brush propels the machine forward automatically and ensures an excellent cleaning result. The air consumption is low. A work area of approx. 0.5 m in front of the boiler is more than sufficient. With the FERRET machine you can clean your flue gas pipes at a residual temperature of up to 150°C. By using special vacuum cleaner nozzles, the work can be carried out virtually dust-free.



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