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ptcsystem® automatic accessories


Pneumatic projectile supply


The pneumatic projectile supply is available in two sizes. It consists of a projectile supply and an interchangeable supply tube.

The small projectile supply has a diameter of 180 mm and is suitable for projectile sizes PR6 to PR13-14. The fill quantity is 150 to 1,500 pieces.

The larger design, which has a diameter of 250 mm, is used for projectile sizes PR13-14 to PR24-25. The fill quantity is 60 to 300 cleaning projectiles.


Feeding hoses


In the case of complex line geometries, it is sensible to use a supply hose. The cleaning process is started using an electrical trigger on the handle. The standard length is 2 m. It is connected to the nozzle intake of the benchtop unit and is available in different dimensions.


Customer-specific collection solutions


Our solutions indicate the projectile discharge, count the processed projectiles, control the cleaning process and keep the workstation clean. This is particularly important for large series and when using the benchtop units. These solutions are developed in close collaboration with the customer.


Stack magazines


The stack magazines are available in different lengths and diameters. They are used in the case of small quantities or where large internal diameters of up to 34 mm are to be cleaned.




In terms of storage, up to six stack magazines or three projectile supplies are securely stored at the workstation.



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