ptcsystem® benchtop units

Automatic projectile supply for cleaning tube and hose interiors

When cleaning the interior of tubes and hoses for series production, the ptcsystem® benchtop units offer short cleaning cycles and re-tooling times, high levels of availability and the option of integration into a production line.

All benchtop units are fitted with a programmable logic controller. Changes can easily be made to suit customer-specific requirements.

Two different work programmes enable work to be performed with and without monitoring the projectile discharge. The cleaning projectiles can optionally be supplied via a stack magazine, a pneumatic projectile supply or a vibratory spiral conveyor.

Small series:
The stack magazine

The simple and cost-effective solution for cleaning tube and hose interiors for very small series or long cleaning cycles. The stack magazine is filled with the cleaning projectiles by hand.

Small to medium series:
The pneumatic projectile supply

The innovative solution for larger quantities. The cylindrical Plexiglas container is filled with the cleaning projectiles. The fill quantity depends on the size of the cleaning projectiles used. The benchtop unit is supplied with the projectiles by swirling with compressed air.

Large series:
Vibratory spiral conveyor

Our solution for large series and integration into automated production. The use of the vibratory spiral conveyor ensures that the cleaning projectiles are aligned and supplied in the correct position. Large quantities of projectiles can be stockpiled. The conveyor can be filled during ongoing operation.

Integrate the ptcsystem into a production line. We'll help you!

Solutions and expert engineering

The ptcsystem® benchtop units are developed in close collaboration with our customers. The units are tailored to their needs and special solutions are always possible. We assist with integration into existing processes, training of employees and all queries relating to the topic of technical cleanliness.



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