ptcsystem® hand-held devices

ptcsystem® standard launcher

The chrome-plated launcher made of high-strength aluminium is an extremely durable tool, even in the toughest working conditions. It can be hung up using a balancer so that it is always ready to hand . With its ergonomically designed handle and rotatable compressed air connection, the ptcsystem® launcher is also suitable for cleaning small product series. It can alternatively be supplied with a foot switch.


If only small quantities of hoses or pipes with constantly changing dimensions need to be cleaned, the ptcsystem® DK6-40 ECO launcher can be an invaluable device. In this case, the cleaning projectiles are first inserted into the lines by hand. The seal is created by the outer cone for an internal diameter of up to 40 mm. This version is used, for example, in hydraulic service vehicles.


This is another ptcsystem® ECO launcher for which the projectiles are inserted into the lines by hand. However, unlike the DK6-40 version, this launcher features an inner cone. This is a sensible option for use with small internal diameters.


The MMV version features an intake for our mini nozzles and a breech chamber that can be used to load cleaning projectiles up to size PR15. This ptcsystem® Eco launcher is also available with a
DK6-40 sealing cone. This version is used, for example, in the cleaning of lines in powder coating systems.


The MM version features an intake for our mini nozzles. The cleaning projectile is either placed in the unscrewed nozzle or inserted directly into the line.



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