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WIBROX® cleaning brushes

The WIBROX® cleaning brushes are an important component of the FERRET system.
Their special design, in conjunction with the oscillation, causes the machine to propel forwards automatically.

WIBROX® cleaning brushes are subjected to extreme loads. In the case of a boiler with 200 pipes and 8 m in length, the brushes cover
a total distance of 3,200 m. The brush oscillates at a frequency of 32 strokes per second.

The speed of travel is 15-50 m/min, depending on the diameter of the pipe and the type of contamination.

Brush selection depends on the fuel and thickness of deposits. It isdecisive for the operating speed
and the cleaning effect of the FERRET machine for cleaning flue gas pipes.
 Their service life is 800-1,000 m of pipe, depending on the type and amount of contamination.

WIBROX® standard brushes are available for internal diameters of 25 to 210 mm. Special brushes can be provided upon request.



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