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ptcsystem® cleaning projectiles


Standard projectiles


Made of high-quality composite foam rubber

  • Good value and reliable
  • Versatile
  • Particularly suitable for removing loose particles from tubes and hoses


Premium projectiles


Made of special homogeneous high-density foam rubber

  • Good resistance against solvents
  • High tolerance for mechanical wear and tear
  • To be used when the requirements in terms of cleanliness and projectile material are particularly high


PW projectiles


Made of special homogeneous foam rubber with medium-grade density

  • Versatile
  • Also make cleaning in the case of slight cross-section constrictions possible
  • Particularly suitable for removing loose particles from tubes and hoses


FLEX projectiles


Made of elastic homogeneous foam rubber that quickly regains its shape after deformation

  • Can also be used in the case of tight cross-section constrictions
  • Recommended for subsequent cleaning of connected hose assemblies
  • Suitable for cleaning tubes and hoses above 80.0 mm


Abrasive projectiles


Featuring a rough fibrous material on the front end

  • Suitable for removing stubborn deposits and coarse contamination
  • Well-suited to cleaning tube bundle heat exchangers


Corundum projectiles


Premium projectiles with a corundum coating

  • Used to remove extremely resistant deposits, e.g. surface rust
  • Subsequent cleaning with standard projectiles is essential


Acetone - Projectiles


Solvent resistant projectiles made from special rubber foam

  • Usable with many cleaning solvents, e. g. Acetone
  • Suitable for degreasing pipes and tubes without cross-section reduction 


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