FERRET Accessories

Vacuum cleaner nozzle

We always recommend extracting existing dust when working with the FERRET machine. If this is not possible on the system, one of our vacuum cleaner nozzles should be used. This enables work to be carried out virtually dust-free. There are vacuum cleaner nozzles in different designs. All of them have a 38 mm pipe connection for connecting to an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Vibration-damping hand grip

For even more ergonomic working: the vibration-damping hand grip prevents vibrations from the device from being transferred to the machine operator. It is fitted between the machine and the hose. The vibration-damping hand grip cannot be used in conjunction with a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

Dustcontrol industrial vacuum cleaner

We offer a wide range of high-quality industrial vacuum cleaners that work perfectly with the FERRET machine. The vacuum cleaner nozzle is used for precise spot extraction. For high residual temperatures, we equip the industrial vacuum cleaner with heat-resistant suction hoses. Request our catalogue!

Pneumatic hose

The pneumatic hose is made from a 2-wire hydraulic hose. It is connected with the FERRET machine via a swivel joint. At the other end is a standard NW 7.2 coupling plug for connecting to the foot switch.

Foot switch

When using the FERRET machine portably, our practical foot switch should be used. This means that the ON/OFF switch is always within reach. The foot switch also has a gauge for controlling the speed of travel and a maintenance unit with oiler, pressure control valve and filter.

Hose reel

Hose reels ensure a tidy work area and protect the pneumatic hose.

  • Flexoluft (left) = transportable
  • 883 model (right) = for mounting on ceiling or wall

Heat protection

At high residual temperatures or for particularly abrasive combustion residues, this protects the FERRET machine against damage and premature wear. The heat protection can be fitted retrospectively and has an outside diameter of 45.0 mm. It is only available for the FERRET150RH.

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