FERRET Basic Devices

JetClean GmbH

The FERRET machines are high-quality industrial tools with a long service life. Whether 27.0 or 450.0 mm, we have the right solution for any pipe diameter

JetClean GmbH


Our smallest FERRET machine for cleaning flue gas pipes. Suitable for small boilers with pipe diameters between 27.0 and 34.0 mm.

JetClean GmbH


This closes the gap between the FERRET90 and the FERRET150RH. The operating range is between 34.0 and 60.0 mm.

JetClean GmbH


The all-round solution. With a large working range of 42.0 to 150.0 mm, the most common flue gas pipes can be cleaned using a FERRET machine.

JetClean GmbH


For really large pipes. This FERRET machine can be used for diameters ranging from 80.0 to 450.0 mm.

Technical Data FERRET

Betriebsdruck2,0 – 4,5 bar3,5 – 7,5 bar3,5 – 7,5 bar3,5 – 7,5 bar
Luftverbrauch105 l/min – 3 bar306 l/min – 5 bar360 l/min – 5 bar650 l/min – 4 bar
Durchmesser23,0 mm31,8 mm38,0 mm69,0 mm
Gewicht0,4 kg1,2 kg1,6 kg2,8 kg
Geräuschpegelca. 85 dBAca. 85 dBAca. 85 dBAca. 85 dBA
Geschwindigkeitca. 15 m/minca. 20 m/minca. 20 m/minca. 20 m/min
Luftaustritton housingon housingon housingon housing
Rohrinnendurchmesser27,0 – 34,0 mm34,0 – 60 mm42,0 – 150,0 mm80,0 – 450,0 mm

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