ptcsystem® Accessories

Foot Switch

Foot switch for ptcsystem® hand held launcher. Useful, for example,  when cleaning large quantities.


Desk Mount

The ptcsystem® desk mount keeps things organised so you have both hands free. It provides a stable place for you to put down the ptcsystem® launcher and protects it against damage.

Collector SR-AB

This makes working with the ptcsystem® even safer and cleaner. The projectiles are caught in a sturdy cloth bag and are easy to dispose of.

Collector SR-AB2

Our optimized and movable projectile collector. With stainless steel elbow, deflector plate below projectile inlet, weighted base and clamp ring for refuse bag. Perfectly extendible with a frame light sensor in order to use it with our discharge monitors.

Projectile Discharge Monitor

Together with our collector, this is a perfect addition to the workstation. It can be used with all ptcsystem® launchers available. A light barrier detects and indicates the discharge of the projectile. The cleaning process ends automatically. ‘Misses’ are also detected and indicated on the display. The operator can only continue working after acknowledging the fault.


Suitable solvents increase the effectiveness of cleaning and assist in the removal of oil and grease residue. Wet the lines quickly and easily with cleaning fluid. This is followed by cleaning using the ptcsystem®.


The balancer keeps the ptcsystem® launcher ready to hand and in the correct position.

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