ptcsystem® Mini Bench-top Unit for internal tube and hose cleaning

Improved ergonomics, when cleaning small and medium sizes batches

When cleaning small or medium sizes batches of, for example hydraulic hoses, the ptcsystem® will improve ergnomics and prevent fatigue. The cleaning projecile is inserted by hand. After that the worker has both hands free, to handle the hose ends. The cleaning process is started by foot switch.

Mini Bench-top Unit

The mini bench-top units contain the proven technology, used in our automatic bench-top units. The air volume is adjustable to control the speed of the cleaning projectile. Changeover times are very short, only the nozzle needs to be exchanged. Our standard hose and tube nozzles can be used. Pressure gauge and control valve are attached to the machine.

Stack Magazine

In order to improve the working speed even more, the mini bench-top unit can be equipped with a gravity feed magazine. The magazine can be prefilled with cleaning projectiles. Cleaning projectiles are seperated and can be shot in rapid succession.

Discharge Monitor

In order to ensure discharge of the cleaning projectile, the ptcsystem® mini bench-top unit can be combined with our discharge monitor PTC-DKS-RL150, optionally.

ptcsystem® Mini Bench-top Units

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